The Jurasteig (Jura Hiking Trail) – Quality Trail "Wanderful Germany"

The origin of the Jura landscape can be traced to a huge ocean which covered the region 200 million years ago. When the waters had receded, wind and weather transformed the limestone sediments during the course of time. A landscape was formed which you will love: The Bavarian Jura of today is characterized by scattered juniper trees in karstic rocky landscape, stalactite caves and narrow river gorges and valleys. Lots of nature trails and small pathways invite you to explore this wildly romantic region on foot.

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Jura is the Jurasteig (Jura hiking trail), which is distinguished as a quality trail by the German hiking association. The Jurasteig fulfills very strict quality criteria and thus belongs to the best hiking trails located in Germany. In the heart of Bavaria the Jurasteig forms a circular hiking trail. Its 13 routes lead through a gorgeous natural landscape over the hills and through the valleys of  Donau, Altmühl, Weisser and Schwarzer Laber, Lauterach, Vils and Naab. Moreover, 18 loop trails branching off the main route offer additional daily tours.

Hiking on the Jurasteig will be both an adventure and a marvellous experience. The Jurasteig concept embodies a high percentage of nature trails, a uniquely attractive low mountain range landscape, and it also includes numerous places for resting and a hiking-friendly gastronomy. Last, but not least, modern clear-cut signs without any gaps guarantee a safe orientation in both directions.

Primeval river landscapes interchange with karstic scenery similar to the Mediterranean. Castles and monasteries border the Jurasteig, as well as rocky limestone pinnacles, fragrant juniper heath, light pine forests and shadowy beech woods. Friends of nature may watch animals and plants along the Jurasteig which have become rare in other places. The peregrine falcon and the kingfisher are at home in the Bavarian Jura. Numerous orchids, Carthusian pink carnations and quaking grass line the trail sides.

In January 2020 the Jurasteig was once again awarded the certification of "Quality Trail Wanderful Germany". The certificate was handed over by the German Hiking Association during the Outdoor Activity Fair "Caravan, Motor and Tourism" at Stuttgart. In October 2019, Members of the German Hiking Association carefully examined the individual routes of the quality hiking trail Jurasteig. The certification is valid for the next 3 years. During this time the upkeep of trails as well as the maintenance of an unambiguous, uninterrupted and accurate signposting have to be guaranteed.

A quote from the summary of the German Hiking Association: "The strength of the trail is its natural course. Nature lovers will be delighted with almost 40 percent of nature trails and almost 15 percent of footpaths." The summary goes on: "Along the rivers the Jurasteig offers lots of highlights for the culturally interested hiker, too, e.g. castles and monasteries. Numerous inns invite the hikers to stay and take care of their physical well-being."

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